Here are few personal projects and some of my freelance work. Wish I could share more.

I'd like to share more, but a lot of the work I've done (espeically on campaigns) used private data that can't be shared. Ask me offline about EWOKS and KYOSHI.

Pronouns in Profile

A browser extension that adds a users pronouns to their Twitter profile. A little hack to normalize inclusivisity online.

Available on Chrome and Firefox. Let me know what you think!

My Thoughts on Music

This one is equal parts CS project and music blog. I built this website and update it semi-regulalry with my music takes. Check it out and feel free to tell me I'm basic.


This is a fully functional website I built for my friend Amara who is an actor and comedian in New York City. Give her site a look, she's quite funny!

Open Source Projects

I've spent some time contributing to the Signal open source project and the Privacy Badger project from the EFF. Both of these are cutting edge tools designed to protect your privacy.